Robert 'Bobby' Robinson,  LEMFHA President
Robert "Bobby" Robinson, LEMFHA President
August 11, 2017

Greetings Frye-Mason Families,
In 1984, the first official Frye-Mason Family Reunion was held in Leland, Mississippi. Many of the children of Lem and Elsie Mason Frye attended and their hearts were made glad for the opportunity to fellowship with family. In addition to Lem and Elsie’s children, the attendance of their children’s spouses and families made the reunion complete.
Since 1984, God has seen fit to call all of the first line of descendants of Lem and Elsie from Labor to Reward. They are no longer physically present with us but, they live on in our memories. Throughout the years we have gathered for many reunions, both formal and informal, and we certainly would like to keep that tradition going for many years to come.
Over the last year, a group of family members representing the children of Lem and Elsie have been meeting to discuss how we can strengthen Frye-Mason Family ties. Hopefully, you have heard about some of the ideas and proposals generated by our group. The official recommendation of the group is the establishment of Lem and Elsie Mason Frye Family Heritage Association (LEMFHA), writing of by-laws and creating an Executive Board comprising one member from each Frye-Mason Family branch. Please see the chart of current Executive Board members:
Direct Frye-Mason Descendant        Representing Director
 Tommie Frye, Sr.  Paula Gooch
 Charlie Frye, Sr.  Lemon T. Frye, Jr.
 Spencer L. Frye, Sr.  Elmira F. Mosley
 Sid Frye  Sheila Jelks
 Nancy Frye Johnson  Elsie L. White
 Lem Frye, Jr.  Julie Weatherspoon
 Lewis Frye, Sr.  Lydia Carlton
 Omealia Frye Robinson  Robert L. Robinson
 Olealia Frye Thomas  Juwanna Sims
 Jessie Mae Frye Haywood  Lem Charles Haywood
 Julia Frye Caldwell  N/A
 Mary Frye  N/A
 Horace Frye  N/A

We intend to officially adopt and approve Lem and Elsie Mason Frye Family Heritage Association (LEMFHA) at our 2018 Biennial Frye-Mason Family Reunion. 

A very special thanks to all representing directors for their contributions to organizing Lem and Elsie Mason Frye Family Heritage Association (LEMFHA) and to Elmira Frye Mosley for driving the creation of the by-laws. I encourage every member to participate in the by-laws review from September 16 to October 16, 2017. Please refer to the By-Laws Review tab to retrieve a copy of the by-laws, read the review instructions, and submit your response.
We trust God that you will be as excited as we are regarding the formation of the Lem and Elsie Mason Frye Family Heritage  Association (LEMFHA) and further developing a Frye-Mason Family legacy that makes us proud and gives God the glory.
Lem & Elsie Mason Frye
Family Heritage Association

Robert L. Robinson
President, Executive Board